At the start of the week Hunter T chose a book about dinosaurs for us to read.  Miss Schollum then found a Brachiosaurus dinosaur model for us to look at in our class.  This gave us great ideas in our writing.  Here are two whole class stories we worked on together:

We have a dinosaur from New Zealand in our room.  It's not real!  It is a toy bone dinosaur.  His neck and tail are long.

Today we were digging up bones in the sand pit.  They were dinosaur bones.  Brandon found the 5th bone and it was big.  We shared shovels to dig.  It was cool but it was hard because some people didn't find bones.  Rosara helped Hunter T find a bone.  Hunter U found the last bone.

5/29/2013 15:00:54

I like the bones!!!


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