As part of our school topic 'Life is a Challenge' today at school we ate like the world.  This meant that while 1 student from each class got a Happy Meal the majority of the students ate rice or nothing.

Afterwards as a class we talked and wrote about about how it made us feel and how lucky we were that we had our our lunches to eat if we hadn't got anything!

Our Writing:

Today we went to the hall.  We ate like the whole wide world.  Mr Livingstone said "Groups A B C D E".  Dany and the other A's got McDonalds and we didn't.  It made Emma feel sad.  Ashleigh felt really really sad.  Rosara was happy Dany got it. 
Ella and Taryn got milk, sandwich and biscuits.  They were happy.  Ella ate all of it.  Kohen in E group got wood!  It made him feel like dying.  Brandon found it funny. 
Rosara and Imogen tried rice and they liked it.  But Breanna and Ashleigh didn't try it. 
But in the end we ALL got our lunch.


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