During the America's Cup we watched all the races and cheered for Team NZ.  When they lost we thought it would be nice to write a letter of support to the team.  

Here is the letter:

Dear Team NZ

Well done for your racing.  We are still very proud of you.  We liked your boat.  It looked cool.  We all love Team NZ and seeing our flag.

You tried your best every single time like we do in our class.  We would like to watch you again.  Maybe you should put rocket boosters on your boat.

You might win next time and we will cheer for you.

Room 4
Tinwald School

In week 6 of Term 4 we got a reply from Team NZ!  They said thank you for the letter and liked Rhys' idea of rocket boosters!  If they have them in the next race they got the idea from us.
For Father's Day we wrote stories for our Dads or Granddads and then put them in cards to give to them on Father's Day.  
Here are some stories we wrote:

Thank you for getting me a dress and a sticker book and I love you.  We are going to the pool.  By Elizabeth

I like it when you give me motorbike rides.  And cuddles.  By Charlie W

I like it when you build on the roof with me.  And you do good work.  By Rhys

Today we started Milk in Schools.  Here are some stories that we wrote about it:

I had some milk.  It was yummy.  Zai didn't like it but I did.
By Charlie W

I am going to get a drink of milk.
By Faith

I did try some milk and tasted it.  And I did not like it.  Me and Zai and someone else did not like it.  My sister folds up her up and go's like the milk box.
By Rosara

Room 1 and Room 2 and Room 3 and Room 4 all got milk.  We watched the video about the milk.  Its filled of energies.  Its healthy.  It comes out of cows.
By Breanna

The milk was healthy and I liked it and we folded it up.
By Emma

As part of our school topic 'Life is a Challenge' today at school we ate like the world.  This meant that while 1 student from each class got a Happy Meal the majority of the students ate rice or nothing.

Afterwards as a class we talked and wrote about about how it made us feel and how lucky we were that we had our our lunches to eat if we hadn't got anything!

Our Writing:

Today we went to the hall.  We ate like the whole wide world.  Mr Livingstone said "Groups A B C D E".  Dany and the other A's got McDonalds and we didn't.  It made Emma feel sad.  Ashleigh felt really really sad.  Rosara was happy Dany got it. 
Ella and Taryn got milk, sandwich and biscuits.  They were happy.  Ella ate all of it.  Kohen in E group got wood!  It made him feel like dying.  Brandon found it funny. 
Rosara and Imogen tried rice and they liked it.  But Breanna and Ashleigh didn't try it. 
But in the end we ALL got our lunch.

At the start of the week Hunter T chose a book about dinosaurs for us to read.  Miss Schollum then found a Brachiosaurus dinosaur model for us to look at in our class.  This gave us great ideas in our writing.  Here are two whole class stories we worked on together:

We have a dinosaur from New Zealand in our room.  It's not real!  It is a toy bone dinosaur.  His neck and tail are long.

Today we were digging up bones in the sand pit.  They were dinosaur bones.  Brandon found the 5th bone and it was big.  We shared shovels to dig.  It was cool but it was hard because some people didn't find bones.  Rosara helped Hunter T find a bone.  Hunter U found the last bone.