This term our topic is Make It Work.  In Room 4 we are planting seeds and seeing what we need to make them grow.
Before we planted them we talked about what seeds need to grow.  We thought that seeds need:
     - Water
     - Dirt/Compost
     - Sun
     - Care

We planted our own seeds of wheat, barley, grass and radish. We also planted 4 class plant where we tried to grow them differently:
     - one we painted the seeds black before planting them
     - one we are putting away from the sun
     - one we planted with cotton wool balls
                                                                        - one we are watering with blue coloured water
                                                                        - one we are saying nice things to every day

At the end of term we will be able to see how they have grown and see if we were right in our predictions of what seeds need to grow.


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