This term our topic is Make It Work.  In Room 4 we are planting seeds and seeing what we need to make them grow.
Before we planted them we talked about what seeds need to grow.  We thought that seeds need:
     - Water
     - Dirt/Compost
     - Sun
     - Care

We planted our own seeds of wheat, barley, grass and radish. We also planted 4 class plant where we tried to grow them differently:
     - one we painted the seeds black before planting them
     - one we are putting away from the sun
     - one we planted with cotton wool balls
                                                                        - one we are watering with blue coloured water
                                                                        - one we are saying nice things to every day

At the end of term we will be able to see how they have grown and see if we were right in our predictions of what seeds need to grow.

This week for science we looked at balloons and Static electricity.  We rubbed the balloons on our tops and the carpet and then put it near our hair.  We all had fun lifting our hair up.
We then put the balloon near an empty coke can.  The static electricity pulled the can off the table. 

For science this week we found things around the classroom to put in water.  Before we put them in we had to predict if they would float or sink.
Some things surprised us.  The mobilo sunk but the wheels floated.  Dany thought it looked like it was doing a wheelie.

This week our experiment was finding out what happened when you put mentos in fizzy drink.  We tried with diet coke, normal coke and lemonade.  Watch our video below to see our results...

This week our experiment was Dancing Raisins.  Our predictions were:
-the raisins might float (7 students)
-the raisins might sink (4 students)
-The rest of the class weren't sure

When we put the raisins in they floated up to the top and then back to the bottom.  Ella thought they looked 'like a raisin circus'.

We tried them in lemonade and orange fizzy and they danced in both. We tried them in water but they just sank to the bottom.  Brandon wondered if they would dance in 1/2 water and 1/2 fizzy.  We tried this and they still danced!

The whole class enjoyed watching the raisins dance around the jar.


We are learning to make Predictions

This term we are doing Science and learning to make predictions.  This means that at the start of the lesson we look at the equipment and guess what might happen.
Sometimes we are right and sometimes we are wrong.  It doesn't matter if we make a wrong prediction, and after the experiment we talk about what we saw happen and wonder why it happened.  We can also try the experiment again and change a few things to see if still works the same.
It's all about trying new things and not being afraid to make mistakes!