Before lunchtime the Pukekos (Charlie H, Emma, Breanna, Ashleigh and Brandon) read the class Hedgehog Fun.  Then we made it.  We had marshmallows and grapes and pineapples.  We put skewers in them.
Dany liked the pineapple.  Breanna liked pineapple as well.  Ashleigh, Charlotte and Rhys liked the marshmallow.  At lunchtime the whole class ate them and we liked them.

Written by Room 4

To help Room 4 with reading we have been learning new strategies to help us with new words.  We can be 'chunky monkeys' or 'stretchy snakes' when we come to a tricky word to try and work them out.  When reading with a student from Room 4 ask them what to do to work out words and they will be able to tell you about these strategies and how they help.
For book week we are getting together with our buddy class Room 12 to do some reading.  Today we read 2 of our books to our buddy to show them our reading skills.